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Height             170cm

Weight              45kg

Drama            2015  KBS <The stars shine in>              

                        2015  SBS <Time spent in love with you>

                                   KBS <King's face>

                        2014  KBS1 <There is a cat>

                        2013  MBC <Medical Top Team>

                                  JTBC<War of Flowers>

                        2012  MBN <Natural Burials


Movie              2017 <A sinful little girl>

                                  (Korean Academy of Film Arts)

                         2016  <Merry Christmas Mr Mo>

                                    Busan International Film Festival

                                    New Currents award : <NETPAC Award>         

                        2016  <A swing wave>

                        2015  <Gyeongseong School:Missing girls> 

                        2014  <Sowol-gil>

                        2013  <Tabloid:Dangerous talk>

                        2011  <Island Baby >

M/V                 2014 WINNER <Feel empty>

                        2013 2AM  <One spring day>

                        2011 B1A4 <Only learned bad things>

                                  Ne:MO <that kind of man>

 CF                  2016~2017 Eucerin(cosmetics)

                        2014~2017 ASIANA AIRPORT

                        2015 LG U+                       

                                  Gioibello(women's clothing)

                        2014~2015 It’s skin

                        2013 Balance Water

                        2012 Hershey’s Kisses

                                  Hanwha Group companies

                                  GM Chevrolet

                        2011 NH BANK

                                  Tropicana Sparkling

                                  Penzal-Q TAB

                                  Bisous Bisous(cosmetics)

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