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Height           167cm

Weight             49kg


Awards                 2015 Daegu Short Film Festival Actor Awards

                               <The Night><Eunha Video>

                               Chungmuro Film Festivals Actor Awards <Eunha Video>

Movie                    2017  Mr. Kim

                              2017  A warship       

                              2016  In-between seasons


                              2016  A country that can't go 

                                         My Left Nipple

                              2015  The Chosen:Forbidden Cave


                              2015  A photographer´s visit to a private house         

                              2014  The Night        

                              2013  Expressions 

                              2013  The wine of the night         

                                         Break Time         

                                         Jack Boy          

                                         Today, You      

                                         Curtain call      

                              2012  Orientation 


Play                     2014  Love And Money

                             2012  Crime of mind


                             2011  Update of Hamlet

                                        Play the Music

                             2009  The Miss Firecracker Contest 






M/V                     2016  April Kim <Anywhere if you could have dreamed of>

                                       Yoonha Ju <Epilogue>

                            2014  Verbaljint <The smell of autumn>

                            2013  Demicat <Locked In The Dream>






CF                        2016 ETUDE

                             2014 DeuXL  

                             2012 SONY Nex f-3

                             2009 KODAK Film Promotion

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